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Network Monitoring & Management – Upgrades and Installation

The importance of the IT network

All businesses run networks, large and small. The IT network holds within all the business value a company has accumulated over its time in business. Data, applications, software, contacts, multi-media archives are all housed and operated by the network. Not surprisingly, the efficient and safe running of the network is a priority for IT departments, if not a constant headache.

Worry-free network management

Pacific InfoTech with our years of managed services experience can take this worry off your hands by stepping in to take responsibility for upgrades and installations of your network. These critical tasks become our concern as our Microsoft-certified professionals ensure that issues such as speed and security are placed in a paramount position during installations and upgrades.

Network development at any stage

It doesn’t matter which stage of development your company network has reached, or even if you haven’t yet got a network in place we will manage the process from the beginning, applying our wide and extensive experience and expertise to create an efficient and secure network, configure it and administer it on an ongoing, regular basis.

One aspect of IT managed services

 This is an example of managed services in action, IT professionals taking on the complicated detail of advanced IT operations to enable the host business to get on with its more productive tasks, all departments, including the IT department, applying themselves to the long-term development and productivity of the business.

Pacific InfoTech’s credentials

All these offers and promises do, however, mean nothing if the IT provider, the external IT management company, does not have the necessary knowledge and experience to be entrusted with such an essential task of network development.  Pacific Infotech has the testimonials, a portfolio of successful projects undertaken for a wide variety of organisations, and industry-accredited IT experts to guarantee your network is in safe, reliable and innovated hands, operating at the cutting-edge of IT developments in techniques and technology.

Detailed project planning and design

One of the facets of our service is our detailed project planning and design. We plan every inch of the way. We audit your present network (or in the absence of any existing network we consult with the client to ascertain exactly what you require of your network) and then go to work on installing or upgrading.

Project Management

Pacific Infotech has managed many differing and complex projects, liasing with the relevant departments and managing from the centre, keeping tactical and strategic aims maintained throughout the project duration. We follow industry standard best practices every step of the way, and are able to implement proven industry standard solutions for small businesses if your company or organisation is that size.

Zero or Minimal Disruption to your Office during Projects

The experience possessed by our Microsoft-certified professionals means that they are, amongst many other skills, able to install or upgrade your network with the absolute minimum of fuss and disruption.

Unbiased Technology Procurement

We are not tied to any manufacturer meaning we only recommend and source those technologies most appropriate to your IT network and its needs. Our experience and up-to-date knowledge guarantees this.

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