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Cyber Security: Top Tips to Protect Your Business

Did you know that almost seven out of ten UK businesses were hit by a security breach or attack last year?

According to a UK government report published in April, that’s around half of all companies in the country.

Here’s another fascinatingly frightening fact:

In 2016 alone, security breaches cost Uk businesses the better part of £30 billion. Yes, billion.

The scariest part?

That’s not just the big-name corporations.

In fact, cyber attackers are just as likely to target small businesses, believing them to be easier prey than those companies with colossal budgets.

So, here’s the question:

Is your business well protected against a potential cyber security breach?

Even if you’re nodding your head right now, there’s a good chance that you may not be quite as secure as you first thought.

As one of the leading IT support companies in London, Pacific Infotech often find ourselves coming to the rescue of businesses who have suffered at the hands of cyber attackers.

We don’t want the same thing to happen to you, which is why we’ve compiled our top tips for keeping your business breach-free.

Before we do though, let us divulge a little secret:


The One Cyber Security Secret Most IT Support Companies in London Won’t Tell You:

Protecting your business from an attack or security breach isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

Sure, many providers of IT services in London could profit from making cyber security sound like the kind of high-level science that you’d need a PhD to understand, and if you really get into the nuts-and-bolts of it, it is.

But here’s the thing:

When it comes to keeping your company safe, often all it takes is a few simple, preventative measures and a good deal of knowledge.

Knowledge is Power

Remember that last new story you saw about ransomware or that big email scam that’s doing the rounds?

Remember how you skipped over it because it was “techy” and not that interesting?

That could be your first mistake.

The next time you see something in the news about cyber security, clue yourself up on it.

Again, you don’t need a PhD in computer science to follow along with most mainstream news stories about IT security.

Arm yourself with the basic facts. Follow the advice recommended by the experts quoted in those articles and, if you’re still unsure, pick up the phone to your London IT support specialist.

Simply knowing about the latest attacks, scams, schemes, and breaches can make all the difference because it empowers you to take action where otherwise you would have taken none.

That said, it isn’t just you as a business owner or senior manager who needs to be aware of any potential threats.

Cyber securities

Protect Your Business By Arming Your Front Line With These Two Vital Things:

Your employees are not only the public face of your business, they’re often your first line of defence against cyber attacks.

Think about it:

They’re the ones managing the email accounts, using your hardware, and possibly using the web.

Doesn’ it just make sense that you’d want to equip this front line to stave off a potential attack?

Instill a culture of security within your organisation.

Send email alerts about potential attacks or scams to be mindful of.

Ensure passwords are not only strong, but changed on a regular basis, and, where possibly, provide training so that your staff are armed with everything they need to help win the fight against cyber security attacks.

Companies providing IT services in London can often be brought in to deliver that training where required.

Immediately Improve Your Business’ Cyber Security By Doing This One Simple Thing Today:

What would happen if your entire system was attacked right now?

What would happen if you could no longer access valuable customer data or -worse- if that data got into the wrong hands?

It’s a chilling thought, isn’t it?

So, before you finish reading this article:

Stop what you’re doing and deal with making a data backup.

If you already have a system for making backups in place, you’re already one step ahead of the game, but before to review that system on a regular basis to make sure it’s effective.

If you don’t yet have any method of backing up your data, we need to talk.

Forget equipment. Forget your fancy office building. Your data is the most valuable asset you own as a business, and you need to protect it.

Not sure where to start with data backup and disaster recovery?

Talk to Pacific Infotech. We provide IT support London businesses rely on for effective, cost-efficient data protection and backup solutions, and we’re always happy to pass on our advice.

Data Backup

Follow These Simple Steps For Significantly Stronger Security

Didn’t we tell you that improving cyber security within your business was far less complicated than you first thought?

Here’s a few quick tips for making some big improvements with little investment:

Review your BYOD Policy – If You Don’t Already Have One, Get One

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. A BYOD policy governs how your business deals with employees using their own computers, laptops and smart devices on your network. It can also deal with things like USB memory cards.

Viruses and vulnerabilities on a user’s own device can wreak havoc on your system if they are used to connect to your network, so ensure that your policy is airtight and if you don’t already have such a policy in place, now is the time to get one.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is just what it sounds like:

Adding an extra layer of authentication before a user can access email, social media, mission critical systems or other technology.

Having a strong password is all well and good, but adding another layer of protection is even better to avoid a security compromise.

Delete Accounts of Your Ex-Employees

How many user accounts do you have on your system that belong to people who no longer work for you?

What would happen if a disgruntled former employee decided to hack into your system, or if their account details fell into the wrong hands?

When someone leaves your organisation, be sure to close their account, or at the very least, change their login information.

Need more advice on cyber security? Looking for hands-on support with two-factor authentication, data backups and BYOD policies? Pacific Infotech can help. One of the leading IT support companies in London and the UK, we specialise in providing premium quality security services for businesses of all sizes.

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