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IT Relocation Services


From server migration to complete office IT moves.

Pacific Infotech specialise in IT relocation with guaranteed minimal disruptions to the daily operations.

Whether you’re moving to a bigger space to accommodate your ever-growing business or merely upgrading to all-new, modern facilities, there’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to relocating offices.

IT Relocation Services London

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Why Choose Pacific Infotech for Your IT Relocation Needs?

Carrying out a successful IT relocation requires the right combination of expertise, efficiency, and exceptional security.

With the majority of your business relying on technology to succeed, there’s absolutely no margin for error.

That’s why, when you work with Pacific Infotech, your entire move will be carried out by highly-skilled, professional IT engineers who ensure that every component of your infrastructure is carefully decommissioned, safely transported, and successfully deployed in your new location.

We promise to do all of this in a way that ensures minimum downtime for your business, so you can keep on providing valuable service to your customers, even whilst relocating.

IT Relocation

How we work

No matter the size of your business, we use the same tried-and-tested process that has made us the IT relocation specialists that London businesses turn to for complete peace of mind when moving their crucial technology and data to a new location:

Your business is unique, with your unique infrastructure, and unique challenges when it comes to transporting that infrastructure to a new place.

Right from the start, you’ll be assigned your dedicated specialist who will work with you to identify exactly what those challenges are before drawing on their years of industry experience to plan ways of overcoming them that ensure a smooth, secure, and stress-free relocation.

Only once you’re entirely happy with your relocation plan to do, we begin work on the next stage of the process:

Carrying out a comprehensive review of your technology.

Every last server, desktop computer and cable is catalogued along with its serial or asset and its location within your premises.

As you’ll soon see, this allows us to carry out the rest of your IT relocation with the greatest efficiency.

Powering down your servers and data centres isn’t as straight-forward as flicking the off-switch.

It requires careful planning so as not to disrupt the intricate ecosystem that is your IT infrastructure.

In the next phase of the project, our engineers not only decommission those vital components but also ensure all hardware is safely turned off and unpowered ready to be packed.

To guarantee that you enjoy the absolute peace of mind in knowing your technology is in safe hands, we use only the highest quality of specialist packing materials to prepare your hardware for transportation securely.

Using the audit we made at the beginning, and every item is clearly labelled so that it can be identified once we arrive at your new premises. Every label will also include clear instructions as to exactly where it needs to go, making it quicker and easier to do our jobs when it comes to recommissioning.

After carrying out a second audit to ensure that nothing was lost in transportation and everything is where it should be, our team-work diligently to redeploy your technology in your new office, getting you back up and running and ready to serve your customers with minimal disruptions and absolutely no complications.

Making a big move can prove an excellent time to address whether your existing technology is cut out to help you deliver exceptional service for today’s modern customers.

It can also be useful to consider whether the design of your current hardware complements the aesthetic of your new premises.

As part of your relocation service, your dedicated engineers can advise on any upgrades that will benefit your business, and implement them in your new location.

Of course, if you are upgrading, that means there’s likely to be redundant hardware you now need to get rid of.

Even if you don’t, in our experience, the majority of businesses find themselves with old, outdated hardware cluttering some dusty corner of the office.

Getting rid of that hardware isn’t just a case of throwing it on the skip.

You must be confident all data stored on that hardware has been completely wiped off by a professional, and that the physical device is disposed of in a way that adheres to current regulations.

Pacific Infotech provides WEEE compliant disposal services to help you free up space and get rid of your old hardware in a way that is safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly.

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