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Pacific Infotech’s Secure Cloud Backup, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, provides an easy and effortless solution to back up and archive your data. With a familiar Veeam interface, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Cost Calculator

Prices include the cost of Offsite infrastructure, Deployment & Integration, Licenses, Service and Support.
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Per-TB billing model

You are only billed for storage, with all cloud connect licensing included in the price

Per-TB billing model
Veeam Silver Partner

UK-based Veeam Silver Partner, specializing in data backup and protection

Veeam Silver Partner
24/7 Support as standard

All of our remote backup customers have access to our UK-based 24×7 support desk, ensuring that you have access to your data when you need it most

24/7 Support as standard
UK based data centres

All our infrastructure are based in the UK, giving us the flexibility to access & retrieve your backup data quickly

UK based data centres
Store Your Cloud Backups Offsite

Pacific Infotech Secure Cloud Backup enables you to store your cloud backups offsite with the protection of immutability

Store Your Cloud Backups Offsite
Your Data Is Safe

Leveraging an immutable copy of your backup data ensures that there is an untouched version of that source data that is always safe and recoverable

Your Data Is Safe
Layer 3 Protection

Pacific Infotech secure cloud infrastructure with layer 3 protection gives you a comprehensive backup solution against all threats

Layer 3 Protection
Prevents Data Deletion or Modification

Our free Immutability protection is a solution that prevents data deletion or modification from the storage

Prevents Data Deletion or Modification


In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, mere on-premise backups just aren’t enough. Protect your data from traditional hazards like fire, theft or the latest security risks, including ransomware, with our state-of-the-art cloud backup solution. Our cloud backup solution follows the widely accepted best practice 3-2-1 rule, giving you peace of mind and unparalleled security.

  • data-seeding-1


    If you have large amounts of data to upload and prefer not to seed via the internet, Pacific Infotech’s Backup Appliance gives you the ability to seed the data to your dedicated cloud repository.

  • HPE-Storage


    Pacific Infotech use HPE MSA high availability storage to provide a fast and efficient platform, ensuring you can quickly retrieve your data when needed.

  • cloud-portal


    Gain anywhere access to your Veeam backup data, providing you with complete transparency to monitor and manage your cloud repositories, check backup reports, success/failure reports, view backup history and more.

Secure Cloud Backup


  • Delivers secure cloud storage to retain up-to-date offsite copies of your virtual and physical servers.
  • Supported by our Secure Cloud infrastructure with market standard SLA’s.
  • Offers 100% compatibility with Veeam Cloud Connect architecture.
  • Ransomware and cyber-attack protection with our free Immutable backup technology.
  • Offers replication of virtual machines apart from files/folder backup.
  • Per TB billing model with no additional costs
Secure Cloud Backup


Knowing that data is critical to all businesses—leveraging an immutable copy of your backup data ensures that there is an untouched version of that source data that is always recoverable and safe from any failure scenario.

Veeam Backup & Replication enables you to store your short-term retention backups for fast recovery with the protection of immutability. In addition, you can now tier those backups into an immutable object storage offering offsite, giving you additional protection against unforeseen malicious activity or accidental deletion.

Immutable backup storage can help in the following cases:

  • Production data is corrupted or compromised
  • Accidental deletion of production data
  • Insider malicious activity, administrators modifying backup job retention or deleting restore points

Key Terms Explained

Offsite infrastructure

Using a third-party service provider to host your data and virtual infrastructure in an environment outside of your primary business premises.

Software Licenses

Your services provider handles the cost of software licenses for the offsite BaaS/DRaaS infrastructure. Pacific Infotech utilises multiple software environments like Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, Vembu, Backup-Assist, R-Sync, Quest Rapid Recovery etc. they are all considered as standard tools for Business Continuity (BC) /Disaster Recovery (DR).

As a company, Pacific is Veeam Pro-Partner. We also have a fully Veeam-certified professional on our team.

Pacific Infotech is Veeam Pro-Partner Registered

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In a DR solution, failover processes are designed to ensure business continuity. Should a disaster occur, you can switch to your mission-critical applications or services within few clicks.

For example, if damage happens to the Hyper-V cluster where your machines reside, you can ignite the failover process  and ensure business continuity by starting the business services from the available backup cluster in the cloud.

With BaaS, however, the service provider will only secure a copy of onsite backups to the cloud infrastructure.

For example, should a fire cause damage to your infrastructure, you can access an available backed-up copy and restore it at any time once the infrastructure is redeployed again.

What is RPO and RTO?

RPO is a Recovery Point Objective, the latest backup point available for recovery.

RTO is a Recovery Time Objective, the amount of time it takes to get your processes up and running again.

RPO and RTO are the parameters for BC/DR solution.

After deploying a DRaaS, you can measure RPO and RTO quickly for your mission-critical applications and services. DRaaS is the best solution to protect your high-end services from the consequences of natural catastrophes such as floods, fires, virus attacks, and earthquakes.

What is actually backed up?

If you are running backups with your BaaS service provider, then  a copy of onsite backups  is sent to an offsite location at a set, pre-agreed intervals.

Infrastructure downtime

If you are paying for a BaaS solution, you are fully responsible if anything goes wrong with the infrastructure even though Managed IT Services are in place. With a BaaS solution you can ensure data is not lost in the event of a catastrophe.

With a DRaaS solution, business continuity is ensured for the mission-critical applications and services even in the event of infrastructure downtime. However, physically fixing your primary setup is still your responsibility.

For example, consider a scenario where your critical business services  are running in virtual infrastructure and downtime happens due to a SAN failure. Here, you can trigger with DRaaS the successful failover switching and ensure service availability until the primary infrastructure is fixed and up again.

Cost Calculator: BaaS

Backup as a Service is only one part of a wider Disaster Recovery strategy, so it generally costs less than a fully-functional DRaaS. BaaS is good where you require the copy of onsite backups in the offsite cloud location to make sure it is available when needed.

Cost Calculator: DRaaS

Consider a DRaaS solution if the cost of maintaining that solution works out less than the cost of the downtime of your services. In other words, consider the financial impact on your business if your infrastructure went down and your mission-critical systems and services were unavailable.

If the cost of getting things up and running again, combined with the impact of lost revenues, is more than the cost of DRaaS, then buying a quality Disaster Recovery solution may be a smart move.

Onsite vs. Offsite Backups: The difference

BaaS And DRaaS are both offsite solutions provided by third-party providers.

Maintaining Onsite backups is essential before considering a BaaS or DRaaS solution.

On-premise backups are vulnerable to physical theft, fires, and natural disasters, and are therefore offsite backups are highly recommended.


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