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Top ten most popular FAQs

Is free anti-virus software any good?

Though it’s better than having no protection at all, free anti-virus software typically has meagre virus detection rates. To keep your business well protected from spyware, malware and other harmful viruses, talk to our IT security experts for our recommendations.

What are managed IT services?

A managed IT service means that we manage your entire information technology needs on your behalf. From help desk support and onsite IT staff to hardware installations, network maintenance and IT consultancy, Pacific Infotech’s managed It service does everything an in-house IT team would typically do for you, albeit at a fraction of the cost and with none of the complications that come with hiring your full-time staff.

What is a cloud backup service?

Your company’s data is the most valuable asset you own. As such, you need to keep it well protected if you’re to maintain both the trust of your customers and ongoing compliance with data protection regulations.

A cloud backup service takes all of your onsite data and creates a daily copy which is stored on a secure, offsite location. That means that no matter what emergencies your business faces, you always have access to your data.

How long does a managed IT services contract last for?

That depends on the unique requirements of your business. While a fixed-length contract generally offers better long-term cost savings and ensures lasting protection for your business, some SMEs prefer to access managed services on a rolling, month-to-month basis.

When you work with Pacific Infotech, we tailor your managed services contract to best suit your business, your goals, and your budget.

What kind of response times should I request?

At Pacific Infotech, we guarantee industry-leading response times. Our exact response commitments will be discussed with you and included in our Service Level Agreement, with specific penalties if we fail to deliver as agreed.

What should I do before calling for IT support?

There are a few things you can do to help us help you. For software and system problems, write down any error messages and take screenshots. This will enable us to quickly identify the cause of your problem and put a solution together.

For hardware and other issues, the more information you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to solve the problem.

How much do managed IT services cost?

Pacific Infotech provide managed IT support at a fixed monthly fee which is determined by the level of support you require. As part of our SLA, we’ll discuss the size, complexity and unique requirements of your IT infrastructure and agree to meet all of those requirements for a single flat rate with no hidden costs guaranteed.

Can you work with our existing IT department?

Absolutely. Whether you need ad-hoc support to cover staff absences, or specific expertise to help you with a one-off project, we’re happy to partner with your in-house IT team to help you achieve your goals.

How do managed IT services save my business money?

Paying multiple vendors and service providers for all the different aspects of your infrastructure can prove to be expensive, not to mention doing extra work for your accounting team.

By providing comprehensive support at a single flat rate, we’re able to offer you highly competitive prices while you’re ready to get a clear idea of how much you need to budget for IT.

What systems do you support?

At Pacific Infotech, we’re proud to offer expert support for all leading systems and software solutions.

As well as being Microsoft Certified specialists, we can also help with Apple, Google, Amazon and many more.

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