Network Cabling & Comms Rooms

Network Cabling & Comms Rooms for UK Hotels

Complete server room setup and network cabling services provided by the UK’s leading hotel IT consultancy.

With technology at the very heart of your modern hotel, few things are more important than a solid, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure.

That’s where Pacific Infotech come in, offering a full range of comms room setup, network design and structured data cabling to keep your hotel operating at its best right around the clock.

All of our comms room and data cabling services are fully tailored to meet your exact needs. For a full consultation and no obligation quote, contact us online today, or call now on 020 313 76707.


Why Choose Pacific Infotech for your Server Room Setup and Structured Data Cabling?

We take the time to get to know your business and your existing IT infrastructure before developing and implementing a fail-safe plan which allows you to run the latest hotel management software solutions on one system.

From there, we not only offer regularly scheduled maintenance and round-the-clock network monitoring, but also emergency and out-of-hours support 24/7365.

To find out more about working with Pacific Infotech to set up comms rooms or install networking cabling in your UK hotel, contact us online today or call now on 020 313 76707.

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Services we provide

Based in London, we provided dedicated IT support and solutions to hotels across the United Kingdom, including complete planning, provisioning, and ongoing maintenance of comms rooms, networks, and cabling.

Our fully qualified hotel IT engineers provide a complete range of structured data cabling installation services, and support for specialist cables including -but not limited to- Coax and CAT CAT5e/6/7 Structured Cabling.

We also offer all of the following:

  • Full Project Management Services
  • Full review of your existing IT provision to determine the best course of action for your hotel comms room planning
  • Complete design, planning and deployment of comms rooms, including the liaison with third party suppliers
  • Comms racks capacity planning and layout diagrams
  • Deployment of AV cables for CCTV and music systems
  • Deployment and termination of Co Axial cables for satellite TV program distribution to TVs on all floors
  • Deployment of comms cabinets across different floors as needed
  • Termination of all types of cabling including CAT5, Optical Fibre, AV and telephone.
  • Installation of CAT5e / CAT6 cabling across the whole building
  • Deployment of telephone cabling as well as optical fibre backbone
  • Wireless Network Surveys
  • Ongoing management of third party software and hardware
  • Networking monitoring and emergency support 24/7/365

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