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Email Security


A More Effective Approach to Protecting Your Communication

Does your current email security solution protect against malicious URLs, attachments, and the growing rise of impersonation attacks?


Then it’s time to upgrade to one that does.

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Enquire now before it’s too late!

To find out more about the next-level email protection offered by Mimecast and Pacific Infotech, talk to us today.

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Mimecast: Comprehensive Protection for Your Email Communications

Now more than ever, email-related security threats such as spam, spear-phishing and malware pose a major threat to unprotected businesses. With Mimecast Email Security 3.0, such threats are quickly identified and blocked before they do any damage.

Upgrade your email security the easy way with the cybersecurity experts at Pacific Infotech and Mimecast.


The Most Effective Email Security Solution on the Market

Effortlessly deployed and easily integrated with the rest of your system, Mimecast scans both inbound and outbound email for harmful URLs, attachments, and data-leak-related content to protect your mission-critical infrastructure from harm.

Emails within your system are continuously checked, rechecked, and checked again to ensure that careless, compromised, or malicious users avoid leaving your company-wide open to attacks, data thefts, and other security problems.

Dangerous, malicious, or unwanted content can be blocked automatically, or monitored and removed manually by your network admin.

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Email archinving and backup

Flexible, Secure Backups and Email Archiving

Access active and historical emails whenever you need to, no matter how long ago they were sent.

Our email backup and archiving tools provide a secure, scalable solution to ensuring that every email that enters or leaves your system is always available to you, no matter when it was created.

Dedicated email security costs less than you might think. Use our cost calculator to see just how affordable it is, or contact our cybersecurity experts today.


Key Features

Employees are equally protected from social engineering and email impersonation attacks, with a sophisticated set of security checks designed to detect and stop spoofing, supply chain impersonation, homograph impersonation and fraudulent requests. Employees can also be alerted to suspicious emails to prevent data loss.

Email attachments undergo static file analysis and can also be pre-emptively scanned in a secure, full-system emulation sandbox, as well as converted to safe file formats, to protect against weaponized attachments.

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Why Choose Email Security From Pacific Infotech?

Minimise disruptions by using a single, fully-integrated platform to manage risk and ensure secure, reliable, and compliant email.


Best-in-Class Security and Continuity

Purpose-built for cloud and Office 365

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