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Unified Threat Management


A first line of defense for enterprise security.

Secure your network and ensure your employees can focus on business productivity.

With more than a dozen companies selling a variety of UTM firewalls which differ in cost and functionality, how are you supposed to find the right solution for your business?

Start by talking to the experts.

Unified Threat Management

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Does My Business Require a Unified Threat Management System?

The more complex your IT environment, the more difficult it becomes to implement cyber security.

Sometimes, complex environments can provide security shade for attackers, making threat prevention and detection critical.

UTM offers more dynamism and security to create controls in the corporate environment.

require UTM
UTM firewall

Cost: UTM Firewall

Costs vary between vendors and are broadly divided in three parts:

  • Hardware costs,
  • Licensing,
  • Deployment and ongoing support.

SonicWALL Soho series is an entry-level firewall that is a popular choice among many SMBs.

Role of Managed IT Services in UTM Firewall

Investing in a UTM system means making a long-term commitment to both your vendor and your IT consultant. As such, it pays to undertake thorough research before making a purchase.

Unified Threat Management plays a crucial role in cyber security. An expert suggestion helps to mitigate risk and provides a greater visibility insights.

A few determining factors include:

product research
Client IT infrastructure

Most Popular FAQs

Does my small business require a UTM Firewall?

Yes, UTM firewall is highly recommended for small business, Entry level series like Sonic Wall Soho, the series delivers high-speed threat prevention for SMB’s, home / office users.

What is a UTM?

UTM stands for Unified Threat Management, an advance security system made with a combination of many different security Appliances, one of which is a firewall.

What is a next-generation firewall?

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) add a strong intrusion prevention and application control. They are capable of deep packet inspection and provide powerful filters.

A strong intrusion prevention helps you take a proactive approach to detect and eliminating security threats.

Why UTM is costly?

Due to its multipurpose usage. As the most effective network security solution, UTM is consolidated with features like VPN, firewall, intrusion detection, gateway antivirus, application control features makes it unique.

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