Fibre Optic Internet for Hotels

Fibre Optic Internet Services for Hotels

Exceed guests’ expectations and manage your hotel’s daily tasks with a reliable, powerful, and high performance fibre optic internet connection.

Our London based IT consultancy supports hotels across the United Kingdom to surpass customer expectations and deliver outstanding service with a full host of hotel internet services.

At the heart of all those services lies our fast, fail-safe fibre optic broadband connections, capable of up to 10 GBPS (Gigabytes Per Second).

Caught in period of high-demand for your hotel’s Wifi and need more than the bandwidth you signed up for? That’s not a problem. Our optical fibre solutions are fully scalable, meaning we can increase the data volume as and when needed, billing only for what you use at set prices pre-agreed as part of your contract.

To find out more, or for a free quote on fibre optic internet for your hotel, call us now on 020 313 76707.


Fibre Optic Broadband Solutions for both single properties and hotel chains

Running multiple hotels and need a way to ensure a fixed connection between them that doesn’t compromise on the speed, bandwidth, or reliability of your fibre optic internet service?

Our highly skilled IT consultants in London can work with your hotel to deploy a state-of-the-art IP VPN (Virtual Private Network), enabling all of your sites to enjoy joint access to booking systems, internal communications, and other vital technology.

To find out more about fibre optic broadband solutions, or our full range of hotel internet services, contact Pacific Infotech online, or call us now on 020 313 76707.

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Why Choose Pacific Infotech’s Fibre Optic Hotel Internet Services?

With the promise of free Wi-Fi for your guests, not to mention countless day-to-day tasks to take care of online, your hotel’s internet services can’t afford to be anything less but the best.

At Pacific Infotech, that’s exactly what we deliver: Lightning fast, super reliable broadband connections which use redundant optical fibres to eliminate downtime altogether.

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