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Almost three quarters of UK businesses fail within two years of an IT disaster. Don’t let your hotel become one of them. Protect your future today with a comprehensive business continuity plan from Pacific Infotech.

It’s a widely reported that as many as 40% of UK businesses who don’t invest in some form of effective business continuity management never reopen following a data loss or other fatal IT disaster. Of those that do, less than 30% survive more than two years.

With a bespoke disaster recovery program from Pacific Infotech, your hotel needn’t be just another statistic.

Start protecting your future today by talking to Pacific Intotech about creating a failproof business continuity plan for your hotel.



Why Your Hotel Needs an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

A startling number of UK businesses rely on little more than regular data-backups -often kept on-site- to safeguard their invaluable data against all manner of serious threats.

Yet what if there’s a fire on your premises? A break-in, or a physical server failure that renders those back-ups obsolete? Loss of business, damaged reputation, and potential fines of up to £500,000 for Data Protection Act breaches all lie in store.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Pacific Infotech, our enterprise-level disaster recovery solutions are designed to ensure that your business not only survives even the biggest of potential disasters, but continues to thrive for years afterwards.

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DR Strategy based on Dell Solutions

appassureDell App Assure to be used as the backup System, appassure.com

  • Reliability and technology of Dell
  • Granule backups going back to last 5 minutes, last hour, previous day, previous week / month or even years !!
  • Latest in terms of technology till date
  • Restoration of data within 5 minutes to ensure seamless business continuity

This by far is the best Backups Solution we have come across till date, here is why we think so:

  • It does block level backups via snapshots taken as close as every 5 minutes
  • It manages the backed up data via DE duplication, so even if the snapshots are taken every 5 minutes, only the changed data is stored as a separate chain, saving huge amount of storage
  • As a result, you have multiple copies of every file being backed up, going back to last 5 minutes, last hour, previous day, previous week / month or even years !! – all onsite to be ready for restore within minutes –
  • Capability of setting up and maintaining live virtual standby VMS of all the backed up servers, which can be started within minutes of a crash, to keep business moving
  • Capability of restoring data of a crashed server to a completely different hardware
  • Capability of checking the restorability of the backups once every 24 hours, giving you at least 1 restore point every day which is 100% checked for full restoration capability – this is something which we can practically not do even once every 6 months if done manually!
  • Capability of replicating the entire backed up data set to a remote cloud server for offsite backups to achieve 100% DR strategy planning.
  • The remote cloud backups also capable of maintaining cloud copies of the VMs which can be fired up if the entire site goes down
  • The same level of backup service will cost you a minimum of about £400-£600 + VAT if you take quote from any company dealing in this kind of backups
  • “this kind” as this is not one of the cheap online file backup systems, it is based on Dell App Assure technology, which works in a way that you will always have fully updated virtual machines available in the cloud which can be fired up and connected remotely to keep the business running in case of a disaster situation in the Onsite Systems

What we offer

  • Cloud storage on Dell Server Infrastructure & SonicWALL Firewalls to store all your existing servers whether Physical or Virtual to keep them fully backed up in the cloud, ready to be fired up when needed
  • Packages starting £125 a month and tailored to your needs
  • There will be a need for you to purchase one off, the licenses for the software to be installed on your servers

Insure your business against data loss with cost-effective IT disaster recovery services from Pacific Infotech. Talk to us today to discuss a business continuity plan that’s right for you.

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