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Still, running an out-dated Windows 2008 / 2012 Server? It’s Time to Upgrade

Did you know that Microsoft have officially ended support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 & 2012?

That means no more updates, and no more patches designed to ensure your mission-critical business server can keep up with the demands of modern technology.

The good news is that migrating to Windows Server 2019 has never been easier, or more affordable. Talk to Pacific Infotech today for all the support you need with Windows server migration.

Upgrade an out-dated Windows 2008 / 2012 Server

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Why Use Windows Server 2019?

  • Hybrid Capabilities – Ensuring effortless connection to existing Windows Server deployments.
  • Security – There is a three-fold approach on security with Windows Server 2019: Protect, Detect, and Respond
  • App-Focused Approach – With Windows 2019, Microsoft have minimised the Server Core base image to a third of its size, significantly improved app compatibility and included support for Service Fabric, Kubernetes, and Linux.
Why Use Windows Server 2019?

Why Windows Server Migration is Vital for Windows 2008 & 2012 Users

With both Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 End-of-Life dates now in the past, any business still using either product runs the risk of increased operational costs, security risks, and system buts.

And that’s just for starters. Without investing in Windows server migration, you’ll also be left to deal with:

When a server like Windows 2012 reaches its End of Life, the majority of applications built into the OS (operating system) also become largely obsolete too, meaning no new updates or bug fixes.

This applies not only to productivity and business tools, but also vital communications software such as Exchange, which is why it’s just as important to consider email server migration from 2013 to 2019.

With Microsoft no longer addressing system vulnerabilities nor releasing fixes for recently found bugs, your system is far more susceptible to security threats than it would be if you migrated to Windows Server 2012 r.

UK hotels and businesses running Windows Server 2008 will fail an independent compliance audit.

For commercial enterprises, this is likely to mean that you’re no longer able to accept Visa and Mastercard payments. If you collect sensitive information and this is governed by other policies or legislation, you’re unlikely to pass those audits either. This will limit -or outright prevent- your ability to do business.

Ultimately, the cost of non-compliance will have a far more significant impact on your business than the relatively low cost of migrating from Windows Server 2012 to 2019.

How Can Pacific Infotech Help?

Of course, your business doesn’t have to deal with out-dated, highly vulnerable, non-compliant servers. At Pacific Infotech, our London IT consultants can help you make a move to the cutting-edge Windows 2019.

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