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Windows Server Failover Clustering


Solid and Reliable Windows Server Failover Clustering and Hyper-V Management from Pacific Infotech

Did you know that you can get even more value from your virtualisation services with Windows server failover clustering and effective Hyper-V management from Pacific Infotech?

An effective way to get more from your VMs without investing in more physical servers, high availability clusters improve performance by assigning each new VM to the physical server currently being used the least, putting less of a burden on your hardware and allowing for a faster, more efficient virtual machine.

Failover Clustering with Veeam Agent

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Hyper-V Failover Clustering: How Does it Work?

With Windows Server Failover Clustering, each active server has another server identified as its standby server. The two servers communicate through a series of “heartbeat” signals over a dedicated network.

If the signals are initiated by the active server and sent to the standby signal at specific intervals, they are called push heartbeats. If the standby server does not receive a push heartbeat within a certain amount of time, it takes over and becomes the active server.

Communication signals can also be sent from the standby server to the active server; these are called pull heartbeats. If the active server doesn’t respond to a pull heartbeat within a certain amount of time, the standby server determines that the active server has failed and takes over.

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