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London IT Consultancy Offering Completely Free Emergency IT Support to UK Businesses

Pacific Infotech, the London-based specialists in business and hotel IT support, recently announced their latest special offer: Emergency, out of hours IT support at absolutely no cost to UK businesses.

The offer, announced at the start of October, comes as part of the company celebrate the recent unveiling of their new website, one which empowers companies to enjoy quicker access remote and onsite tech support right around the clock.

Free Business and Hotel IT Support – Available for Out of Hours Emergencies

For a limited time only, large scale enterprises and small-medium businesses, and sole traders alike can take advantage of up to two hours free out-of hours IT support, available via remote access technology.

Speaking at the launch of PacificInfotech.co.uk, the company’s Managing Director, Mohammad Ali Khan announced the special offer, calling it part of Pacific Infotech’s strategy to help UK businesses make the most of their technology.

“We live in an age where having hardware and software which is both high performing and highly secure is vital to the success of any modern business,” said Mr. Khan. “One small period of downtime, one critical server failure, or one slight security flaw can spell disaster, not only for the business as a whole, but for the individuals, the staff and the end customers who rely on that business.

“Unfortunately, those errors can’t be timed to occur only when a company’s in-house IT department are on the site, which is why we feel it’s so important to offer emergency tech support outside traditional office hours.”

Remote IT Support for Mission Critical Issues

On their new website, Pacific Infotech defined emergency IT support issues as anything which causes major downtime, affects multiple users, or limits a company’s ability to operate. This includes server failures, firewall and router configuration issues, or problems with a network which impact an entire office.

Mohammad Ali Khan added:

“To ensure disruptions caused by hardware or server failures are kept to an absolute minimum, our emergency out of hours IT team aim to resolve the majority of mission critical issues at first point of contact wherever possible.”

Pacific Infotech’s free emergency IT support is available for a period of up to two hours as from today. The special offer is available for a limited time only,

To access free IT support, call Pacific Infotech on 020 313 76707 or visit www.pacificinfotech.co.uk