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Investing in Business IT Support in London: Everything a New Business Needs to Know

IT support may be the last thing on your mind when starting a new business – but don’t put it off forever. It could be the one thing that guarantees your success in a competitive market.

In today’s tech-driven economy, could your new business really survive


Why More and More Businesses Are Switching to VoIP Phone Services (and Why You Should, Too)

Could switching to VoIP telephony be the missing piece of a puzzle that leads to new levels of success for your business?

Despite all the advances made in modern technology over the last decade, there’s no getting away


Do This One Thing Today to Immediately Save Thousands For Your Business

Did you know that with managed IT support, London businesses are reducing their expenditure on technology by thousands of pounds?

Read on to discover the simple secrets these companies used to make big savings


5 Major IT Problems You Can Avoid With 24/7 Server Management

Can you imagine the kind of disaster that would befell your business if your critical servers failed altogether?

The short term impact on your operation would be devastating, wouldn’t it?


What is IT Disaster Recovery and Why is it So Vital For Your Business?

Let’s face it:

If the sensitive data that your business holds was lost or stolen, it would be a huge disaster, wouldn’t it?


Cyber Security: Top Tips to Protect Your Business

Did you know that almost seven out of ten UK businesses were hit by a security breach or attack last year?

According to a UK government report published in April, that’s around half of all companies

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Is 24/7 IT Support Really Worth The Investment?

With increasing pressure to keep costs down, you’re exploring ways to reduce the excess expense of maintaining your IT infrastructure, but you just can’t seem to do it, can you?

From your dedicated servers to your front-of-house desktop machines


IT Health Check: What is it, and Why Does Your Business Need One?

Has your business carried out a complete IT health check recently? If not, you could be missing out on an opportunity to not only eliminate potential issues before they pose a serious problem


Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Hyper-V Technology: What is It? And How Does it Benefit Your Business?

We’re big fans of Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology here at Pacific Infotech. More specifically, we’re big fans of the way hyper-v


How Your Business Can Greatly Benefit from Remote IT Support

Whether you’re a large scale enterprise or a small, one-man operation, your IT infrastructure plays a critical role in your ability to run a successful business.