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Hotel Technology

Five Key Pieces of Technology Transforming the Hospitality Industry in 2018

There’s no escaping it. From retail to finance and everywhere in between, digital transformation is on an unstoppable role through a broad cross section of modern industries, including hospitality.

After all, guests well accustomed to today’s always-connected, on-demand society expect not only the usual 24/7 service


How Will GDPR Affect My Hotel? Your Data Protection Questions Answered by Top London IT Support Company

By now, it’s no secret that the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force on Friday, May 25th. Wherever you’re inundated with emails, reminders, and a wealth of articles heralding the arrival of the biggest change to data protection laws in 20 years.


Why 24/7 Server Management Could Be The Best Investment Your Hotel Makes All Year

Throughout the course of 2017, you’re no doubt set to make at least a small number of investments in your hotel. Whether it’s in your workforce, a new marketing campaign, or simply breathing a fresh lease of life into your guest rooms


Planning to Upgrade Your Hotel WiFi? Use This Checklist First

Over the last couple of months here at Pacific Infotech, we’ve talked extensively about the benefits of upgrading your hotel WiFi to a brand new, scalable solution capable of not only delivering high performance


Why More Businesses Are Choosing Samsung’s Hotel TV Solutions

Providing in-room entertainment for your guests used to be such a simple endeavour, didn’t it? A decent sized screen and a handful of freeview channels, and most guests were satisfied. Yet with the rise of smart TVs, portable media


Why IT Infrastructure Needs to Be a Priority When Planning a New Build Hotel Project

Few large scale development projects can prove to be as rewarding an experience as an entire new build hotel. Yet as any seasoned hotel developer will tell you; for every part of the process


Why Your Hotel Website Isn’t Generating the Number of Bookings You Expected

So, your brand new hotel website has been designed, developed and launched, you’ve experienced a solid influx of traffic, and things would be looking up


How to Ensure Solid Security When Offering Public Wi-Fi Access for Guests

Last month, we spoke about the importance of delivering high speed, high performance Wi-Fi to your hotel guests.


How VOIP Can Help Your Hotel to Reduce Your Telephony Costs

Over the past several years, our hotel telephony specialists have had literally scores of conversations with those in the hospitality industry about switching from their existing phone system to a state-of-the-art VOIP (Voice Over IP setup).


Why Guests Are Complaining About Your Hotel WiFi, and What You Can Do About It

So, the results of your latest customer satisfaction survey are in. Guests love the style and design of your rooms, and your in-house restaurant is earning rave reviews, but when it comes to your hotel’s wireless internet provision